I will list Obituaries that are sent to me here.

I learned from Dennis Kuhs at the Christmas lunch that his brother Steve passed away on December 6th. Steve and I worked together for a few years back in the early 2000s. Steve was a good guy, and I admired him.

See the Stephen J. Kuhs Obituary.

Here is an old letter describing our Club.

P&H Retiree’s Club;

This club held the 1st meeting on July 18th, 1961.

It was established to keep retirees in touch with those they had worked & associated with over the years. Membership is open to all retirees who draw a pension check from P&H. Even if you have retired from Morris Material handling, Joy Global, or any subsidiary. You can be hourly or salaried, Office or shop. Your spouse is also encouraged to join as an associate member. They can enjoy the same privileges as you. They can remain members for life, even with the loss of their mate.

Meetings are held once a month on the 3™ Tuesday of the month. It starts at 12 noon at K.of C. hall at 1800 S. 92 St. West Allis. It is a social club designed to be run by the membership. Officers are elected every 2 yrs. All activities are handled by volunteers. Our monthly meetings start with a social hour where there is free beer and soda. After the social hour there is usually a program with a speaker of interest to the membership. The program lasts for 20—30 minutes, followed by a short business meeting. After the business meeting there is a lunch, coffee and sweet rolls, or ham sandwiches. We have a library of books for members to take home and read. Also have door prizes.

Every August we have a catered picnic held on the 3″ Thursday of the month. This picnic is held at (Dodge County} Harnischfeger Park. There is a nominal fee for attending. This fee includes food, beer, soda or coffee. We have a wonderful assortment of door prizes, prizes for games, and bingo.

In November our meeting is an arts and crafts affair. You are welcome to bring your treasures to show, or sell. Tables are furnished. At December meeting we have a buffet luncheon catered. This is a wonderful time. We also charge a small fee for this. There is an orchestra for dancing, door prizes and gifts for all. Please come and join the club. It don’t cost anything but your time. We are always looking for new members, and friends. We would like to shake your hand and welcome you to your club.

Our members have been busy bringing in fun content for our web pages.

One of our members gave me about ten years worth of the old Noon News.

Mike Reupert contributed missing issues from 1975, 80, 87-93 and 1996.

Here are links to pages containing Noon News from particular years.


Click on a year to see the Noon News issues from that year.


Paul Buckman gave us various photos and videos he took while a crane operator at Building 165 and P&H West (The old Allis Chalmers plant).

Richard Czubkowski was the Chief Engineer Electrical Shovels back when I worked in Engineering, and was my boss for many years. (I don’t know how he put up with me.)
He had put together a history of the Model 2800 Shovel, and he passed it to me to publish on the Club’s pages. He also sent several photos of old machines.
We don’t see Dick at meetings since he’s moved to Florida.

Remember when?

While cleaning out the back room, we found an envelope full of old photos. The back of this photo contains this note: ”Holy Family Catholic Church, Mitchell, South Dakota. 1969”. I think the name shown is: “Josephine Wieneck”